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Privacy Policy

1. General information

The privacy policy implemented by ICE Dubai can be accessed from our websites (hereinafter “the Sites”):

From each page of https://icedubai.org// (hereinafter the “Site”) by clicking on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page.
ICE Dubai complies with the provisions of the European Regulation (2016/679) of May 4, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 (as amended on August 6, 2004) (hereinafter the “Data Protection Act”).

Thus, ICE Dubai has declared the collection and processing of your personal data to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), through the intermediary of ICE Dubai’s Data Protection Officer (hereinafter the “DPO”).

The Data Protection Officer can be contacted by contact form

or at the following addresses:

ICE Dubaï
Meydan Street, Nad al Sheba 1,
Meydan, Dubai – UAE

This page details the framework of our privacy policy, including information on the following topics :

  • What kind of personal data is collected by ICE Dubai ?
  • How does ICE Dubai collect your personal data and what measures does it take to protect it?
  • For which treatments ICE Dubai collects your personal data ?
  • Who is the controller of your personal data collected by ICE Dubai ?
  • How can you exercise your rights regarding your personal data?

2. Personal data

Personal data” refers to information about you as a natural person, which you voluntarily communicate by filling in a form on the site or during a telephone call, or which ICE Dubai collects during your browsing and which, whatever its nature, enables it to identify you, directly or not (it is sufficient that you are simply identifiable).

Personal data thus includes nominative data (such as your name, your first name, your email, your telephone number etc.) and electronic identification data available on or from your terminal (computer, smartphone or tablet), such as “cookies” or “IP addresses”.

We would like to point out that electronic identification data allows us to identify your connection terminal or the pages consulted on the site during your browsing and is generally insufficient on its own to identify you by name.

3. Data collection

Based on our needs to communicate with you and our legitimate interest, we collect your personal data when:

  • you browse the pages of the ICE Dubai website,
  • you call us at +971 4 337 78 18 (free service and call),

ICE Dubai collects information that is necessary to respond to your requests. This information is indicated by an asterisk on the various pages and forms of the site. The other information is optional and allows us to know you better and to improve our services and our exchanges. The essential information collected by ICE Dubai is notably your name, first name, e-mail address and telephone number.

When you voluntarily provide personal data about yourself, especially when it comes to multimedia content (photographs, videos, etc.), you agree to provide accurate information that does not harm the interests or rights of third parties.

4. Cookies

When you visit our sites, your personal data is collected through the use of cookies. We classify them in two categories: “internal” cookies managed by ICE Dubai and “third party” cookies provided by our partners and service providers.

These cookies take two forms:

  • text files stored by your terminal’s browser at the request of our computer server or those of our partners and providers.

These cookies are not malicious applications. They do not allow you to be identified by name, but they record information about your browsing (pages consulted, date and time of consultation, IP address, etc.). The length of time these cookies are kept in your terminal varies according to your needs: from immediate expiration after closing your browser to the legal limit of 13 months;

  • computer scripts (also called “markers”, “tags” or “pixels”) placed in the code of each of our pages to track your navigation and collect your personal data.

Please be aware that if you share the use of your terminal with others, we cannot be certain that the personal data collected corresponds to your own use and not to that of another user.

5. Purposes, processing and duration of data retention

5.1. Use of cookies
We must ensure that you accept the use of cookies when browsing the sites.

This choice on your part is made either by closing the cookie alert banner that appears on the first page seen of your visit, or by clicking on the “Accept” button on the site banner, or by continuing your navigation after these alerts. We memorize your choice for 13 months.

5.2. Online services
5.2.1. Video content
We broadcast video content to promote our real estate programs.

YouTube is a service of the Google company. Our program pages use the YouTube video player to display our videos. This player communicates with YouTube servers, which record the pages you have visited. If you are connected to YouTube, your browsing information is associated with your personal profile. You can opt out of this by logging out of your YouTube account first.

We have no control over the process used by Google. We invite you to consult Google’s privacy policy in order to learn about the purposes for which Google may use the browsing information it collects through your use of the YouTube player, including advertising.

5.2.2. Sharing of content
We give you the opportunity to share information about our real estate programs with your friends and family.

When sharing on social networks, no personal data is exchanged between ICE Dubai and the social networks. Your connection information remains strictly confidential and is not known to ICE Dubai.

We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information about your browsing on our site and associate it with personal data they have. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to learn about the purposes of use, including advertising, of the browsing information they may collect through page sharing. These protection policies should allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by setting up your accounts for each of these networks.

5.2.3. Browsing
We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience on our sites.

To track and technically manage your browsing session, a visitor ID is assigned to you and deposited in your terminal. It is used by the computer servers to ensure the smooth running of your visit to the sites. The cookie used expires when you close your browser.

5.3. Measuring the audience
We want to know which pages interest you the most and to be informed of the profile of Internet users who visit us.

Tracking your browsing on our sites allows us to establish traffic statistics (visits, pages viewed, browsing path, time spent, browser, buttons clicked, forms filled out, terminal, location of your Internet service provider’s gateway, etc.).

The data collected for this purpose does not allow us to identify you by name or to know your contact details. They allow us to analyze the general performances of our sites within the framework of our operations of marketing and canvassing, including with the profit of the partners of ICE Dubai who accompany it on this subject, for this use only and in a strictly confidential way.

These data are collected by the company IZIASYS Communication, with the solution Analytics Suite – and Google, with the solution Google Analytics.

IDAHO Communication keeps the data for 6 months. The reports of IZIASYS Communication are made available to us for the duration of the commercial relationship with ICE Dubai, increased by 6 months.

Google keeps this data for 18 months. They are “anonymized” after this period.

The audience reports are made available to ICE Dubai via a secure connection.

6. Changing your cookie preferences

The recording of a cookie remains subject to your will. You therefore have the possibility of configuring your browser in such a way as to be able to oppose, totally or partially (in particular depending on the issuer), the recording of cookies. The configuration also offers you the possibility of accepting or refusing cookies in a punctual way, before the recording of the latter in your terminal.

Also, in view of the purposes of cookies as explained above, any setting aimed at refusing the recording of cookies is likely to modify your navigation and/or the functionalities and services and conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

You also have the option of installing a third-party application (“extension” or “add-on”) on your browser, allowing you to block cookies from tracking your navigation for advertising purposes.

6.1. Changing your preferences in your browser settings
You can change your cookie preferences using the procedures of the major browsers listed below.

Click on the menu and then on “Settings” and display the advanced settings. In the “Privacy and Security” section, click on “Content Settings” and under “Cookies”, select the desired setting.

Visit the Google Chrome help section to learn more.

Open the “Tools” menu and then “Options”, click on the “Privacy and Security” icon. In the “Cookies and Site Data” section, enable cookies according to your preferences or disable them.

Visit the Firefox Support section to learn more.

Click on “More” and select “Settings” and then choose “Show Advanced Settings”. Under “Privacy & Services > Cookies” you can block cookies.

Visit the Microsoft privacy site to learn more.

Open the “Preferences > Advanced > Cookies” menu and set your preferences.

Visit Opera’s cookies page to learn more.

Go to the “Preferences” menu, click on “Privacy” and then choose your preferences.

Visit the help page for managing cookies with Safari.

6.2 Installing an extension to block ads
Your browser allows you to install extensions that block ads by preventing the loading of cookies that track your browsing on sites.

AdBlock and Ghostery are among the most commonly used extensions.

7. Data controller and exercise of your “data protection” rights

7.1. Data controller
With regard to the provisions described in chapter “5. purposes, processing and retention periods”, the data controller is the communication department of ICE Dubai.

The address of the controller is as follows

Data Protection Department
ICE Dubai – Meydan Street, Nad al Sheba 1, Meydan, Dubai – UAE

7.2. Exercise of your “information and freedom” rights
You have a general right to information, verification, rectification, opposition and deletion of your personal data collected on the sites. You can exercise this right by sending us a personal data form on this page or by mail to the above address.

In order for us to satisfy this request, you must send us the elements necessary for your identification: a copy of an identity document, name, first name, e-mail and possibly your postal address.

We are committed to ensuring that our partners respect the legislation on personal data and we constantly monitor this matter. However, we have no control over their collection and processing of your data. The exercise of your rights “data processing and freedoms” is carried out with the person in charge of processing each of them.

8. Data Sharing and Disclosure

ICE Dubai and – if necessary – its assignees are the beneficiaries of the data collected on the sites.

ICE Dubai will only pass on your personal data to a third party in the following situations

  • to provide the services you request or that we offer, as described in section “3. Data Collection” and paragraphs “5.2. Online Services”,
  • to ensure its legitimate needs, as described in paragraph “5.3. Audience Measurement”,
  • when ICE Dubai receives a request from a judicial authority or any administrative authority empowered by law to disclose such information in accordance with applicable law..

Third party recipients of data are subject to applicable laws relating to the protection of personal data.

ICE Dubai and its partners do not transfer your personal data, neither free of charge nor against payment.

9. Data transmitted by the Internet user without solicitation from ICE Dubai

ICE Dubai requests that you do not submit any content that is not solicited by a questionnaire or other collection form, such as commercial information or offers, advertisements, personal creations, ideas, concepts, resumes, etc.

When you voluntarily provide personal data about yourself, especially in the case of multimedia content (photographs, videos, etc.), you undertake to provide accurate information that does not harm the interests or rights of third parties.

10. Safety measures

ICE Dubai makes every effort to protect your personal data against damage, loss, misappropriation, intrusion, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Located in France, ICE Dubai’s computer systems are equipped with a data encryption system and a software protection device. Physical and electronic backup procedures of the data collected on the site are implemented, in accordance with the European and French legislation in force relating to the protection of personal data.

The employees of ICE Dubai who, because of their function, would have access to your personal data commit themselves to the greatest confidentiality in this respect.

However, ICE Dubai does not control all the risks linked to the functioning of the Internet and draws your attention to the existence of possible risks in terms of punctual losses of data or infringement of the confidentiality of data transiting via the Internet network. The information proposed on the site could be interrupted for cases of force majeure or independent of the will of ICE Dubai or of facts not falling under the responsibility of ICE Dubai.

11. Use of data in the event of a change of control of the company

Data collected by ICE Dubai may be transferred to third parties in connection with a change of control of the company, an acquisition, a bankruptcy proceeding or a sale of the company’s assets.

12. Personal data policy for minors

The site is not intended for minors under the age of 15, who must have parental consent to visit it. However, access is not restricted to adults, as the site does not contain any content that is prohibited for minors under the age of 18.

The forms and questionnaires on the site are not intended to collect information about minors. If information is collected on a minor by the site, the minor’s legal representative will be able to contact the ICE Dubai Communications Department to rectify, modify or delete this information (see paragraph “7.2. Exercise of your “data processing and liberties” rights”).

13. Update of the privacy policy

ICE Dubai may make changes to the Privacy Policy. If ICE Dubai wishes to use your personal data in a manner different from that stated in the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of collection, such changes will be prominently posted on the Site and you will also be notified by e-mail if you have provided it.

Because of the changes that may occur in the Privacy Policy, we encourage you to visit the “Privacy Policy” page regularly.

14. Questions/contact

If you have any questions or comments about the Privacy Policy or about how ICE Dubai collects and uses your information, you may send a message via the contact form or by mail to ICE Dubai.