Programme Overview

The International Concept for Education (ICE) of Dubai is an innovative multilingual international school project, offering a bilingual programme in kindergarten.

  • The French Stream: Based on the French system of education and the PYP programme
  • The English Stream: Based on the IB system of education

In each stream, more time is allocated to the students in the major language (French or English). In the bilingual section, the children spend 50% of their time with mother tongue teachers, which adheres strictly to the instructions of the French Ministry of Education. The teachers are familiar with the two educational systems, which provide students with the best of their knowledge, and both streams are complemented with the Arabic language as well.

ICE is located on an exceptional site that allows its pupils to practise a large number of activities, and a number of extra-curricular activities are offered for the personal development of children.
The classes are very spacious; each class is about 90 m2 in size, accommodates a maximum of 20 pupils, and includes state-of-the-art teaching equipment, especially audio and digital equipment.
The school includes numerous professional staff members to teach, coach, attend and monitor the children, and offers top quality follow-up and monitoring in each field.

Individual Education Plans
At ICE, an individual education plan is prepared for each child according to the following stages:

  • Registration: Parents are informed of the school’s aims, rules and way of operating. The child meets the Directors of Admissions to be tested and observed, and then joins their class once the application form is accepted by the Principal.
  • Observations & Talent Identification: During their first weeks in class, each child is observed by the teacher and the school team. In close connection with the school’s psychologist, their potential, talents and possible specific needs are assessed and mentioned in an individual education plan that is prepared by the school and presented to the parents.

The Special Talents Enhancement Programme (STEP or SMARTs) are the centrepiece of individualized education. They enable the identification of individual talent in students and help them nurture and develop that talent in special sessions, either individually or in small groups. Accordingly, the SMART classes are established. Some SMARTs may also be enhanced during extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts, astronomy, music, chess, dance, etc.



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