The International Baccalaureate program educates the students to be autonomous, teaches them active learning and how to establish their own personal values
The school adopts a constructivist, child-centered approach which favours interdisciplinary teaching and learning for the development of cognitive and affective skills – educating the whole person. In line with IB educational philosophy, students will contribute to multiple perspectives, drawing on the rich diversity of cultures in the school.
The constructivist approach will be tempered with the necessary degree of didactic teaching of the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and aspects of “culture générale” (a feature of the French system), particularly in the Kindergarten and lower primary school levels where more student direction is needed. Students will then have an educational grounding which will enable them to participate in an inter-active classroom environment where, increasingly as they grow, they will take on more responsibility for their education, become self-disciplined and motivated with a thirst for knowledge.

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The Learning outcomes are:

Grade I
Grade II
Grade III


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