ICE Restaurant

In line with ICE values in striving to provide the best for its students, a healthy and balanced diet for children is considered as one of the school’s top priorities.

A healthy and balanced diet provides essential vitamins and minerals and other nutritional goodies that children need for learning and for healthy growth and development.

To ensure that children are getting all the vitamins and minerals as well as the goodies that their bodies need, it is important that they eat a wide variety of nutritious food from all different food groups. For this reason, ICE has carefully selected “ORGANIC” as the catering company which offers to our students a variety of organic lunch meals on a daily basis. It is good to mention that ICE is the first French School in Dubai selecting “ORGANIC” to cater the lunch meals for the students.

Our meals are created based on organic yet healthy and nutritive standards in order to support the children in the process of positive development. Our menus are developed and prepared by special nutritionists that are here for the wellbeing of the students.

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