Welcome to ICE

ICE was founded in 2013 with a vision for a different kind of education.

Our school is, consubstantially, French, bilingual, international, and firmly positioned in the landscape of international independent schools in the UAE.

  • As a French school, we follow the guidelines of the French national curriculum and are accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Accordingly, we belong to the network of French accredited schools abroad (AEFE);
  • As a bilingual school, our curriculum includes the teaching of English and teaching in English, which entails a distribution of curriculum content and skills between both languages;
  • As an international school, the cultural diversity of our families enriches our community and the everyday learning experiences of our children;

As well, the PYP accreditation of the International Baccalaureate contributes to our school’s international mindedness by combining the rigor and coherence of a French education with a pedagogical approach nurtured by the best student-centered Anglo-Saxon practices focused on kindness, independent thinking, collaboration and creativity.

As a Dubai school, we are anchored in our environment, where Arabic language instruction, and the history and culture of our host country, contribute to shape our students’ lives, whether they are settled in the UAE or only with us for a few years.


Welcome To Ice

ICE was founded in 2013 with a vision for a different kind of education, a multilingual education, one which allows children to continue to learn in their mother tongue, whilst enabling them to become truly bilingual. The original foundation based on the French system - “homologuée” by the French Ministry and accredited PYP by the IB organisation - has already been extended by the opening in 2016 of the Italian Da Vinci Section.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Blend the rigour and coherence of a French education, anchored in critical thinking and the intellectual values of the Enlightenment, with the Anglo-Saxon tradition of openness, independent thinking, and creativity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with challenging educational programmes that develop a desire for life-long learning as well as excellence in character, knowledge, and skills. We aim to develop active, compassionate young men and women who are globally-minded and caring individuals, helping to innovate and light the way for their communities to create a better world. Graduates of ICE will have developed self-discipline, technological skills, self-confidence, and respect for all nations and their diversities.

Governing board


Mr. Yves Aubin de La Messuzière

President of the Board of ICE, Officer of the Legion of Honour, Commander of the National Order of Merit, Knight of Academic Palms and former Ambassador of France.

General Secretary

Mr. André Servant

General Secretary of the Board of ICE, Head of the BBA program at the ESA “École Supérieure des Affaires”

Founding members

Mr. Rimah Hammoud  – Post-graduate diploma in Law, Vice-President of AFLEC (French-Lebanese Association for Education and Culture), Member of the Board of Directors at the MLF “Mission Laïque Française”

Mr. Shoaib Khoori – Managing Director at MHK group

Mr. Shafiq Khoori – Executive Director at MHK Group

Mrs. Aliette Vandevoorde –  Principal for 20 years & Superintendent of the Maisons d’Education of the Legion of Honor (1987-2000)

Mrs. Taroub Audi – Deputy Treasurer of AFLEC (French-Lebanese Association for Education and Culture), Director of Guidance and Pedagogical Coordination

ICE Board members

Mr. Ian Hill – Former Deputy Director General of the International Baccalaureate Organization – Geneva

Mr. Bruno Halff – Honorary Inspector General of the French National Education, Honorary President of AFLEC (French-Lebanese Association for Education and Culture)

Mr. Gilbert Pietryk – Honorary Inspector General of the French National Education, Vice-President of AFLEC (French-Lebanese Association for Education and Culture)

Mr. Francis Alin – Academy Inspector, General Secretary of AFLEC (French-Lebanese Association for Education and Culture)

Mrs. Andrée Daouk – Board member

Mrs. Nathalie de Gaulle – Board member

Mr. Jean-Pierre Villeléger – Board member

Mr. Ali Ayache – Board member – Architect

Management Team

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Mr Rémi Thomas



Person image
Mrs Sarah ATAT

Principal PA


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Mrs Hasnaa EL KOUCH

Admission and Communication Officer


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Miss Layla ABAZA

Educational Consultant


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KHDA & HR coordinator


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Administration - After school activities & School Restaurant


Contacts and Location

Contact Us

ICE is open from Sunday till Thursday from 8 am till 5 pm.
For general inquiries you can reach us by phone + 971 4 33 77 818 or by email on ice@icedubai.org

Alternatively, we are reachable on the following email addresses or extensions:

Admissions admission@icedubai.org 207
PYP coordinatorpypcoordinator@icedubai.org-
Arabic & Islamic department coordinatorsalwa.mohammed@icedubai.org
Special Education Needs and Disabilities sendco@icedubai.org208
KHDA coordinatoradministrator.khda@icedubai.org 202
Clinicnurse@icedubai.org 200
School bus transportationbus@icedubai.org 204
After school activitiesactivities@icedubai.org 206

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