Message from the principal

Welcome to the website for ICE, International Concept for Education.

ICE was founded in 2013 with a vision for a different kind of education, a multilingual education, one which allows children to continue to learn in their mother tongue, whilst enabling them to become truly bilingual. The original foundation based on the French system, “homologué” by the French Ministry has already been extended by the opening, in 2016, of the Italian, Da Vinci Section. We also offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), in conjunction with our bilingual classes.

Our School motto, Ad Luces – towards the light, could not be more relevant for the world in which we are growing your children. The period of enlightenment during the 18th century was headed by many great thinkers and revolutionaries. It was Emmanuel Kant who said, “Dare to know ! Have courage to use your own reason !”. At ICE we teach our children, amongst other things, to be inquirers, good communicators and, above all, critical thinkers.

Underpinning the educational philosophy of ICE are four major characteristics – Etiquette, Talent Identification, Wellness and The Arts.

Teaching children the Art of Living, Savoir-Vivre is as important as teaching them to swim or to read and write. Special attention is paid to good manners and courtesy. Through our partnership with Pierrefeu, the last traditional Finishing School in Switzerland we are able to benefit from staff training and collaborations with one of Switzerland’s finest Institutions renowned worldwide for teaching Social Etiquette to young adults. However, you are never too young to learn how to behave in social circles, from a simple Bonjour Monsieur to standing when a guest enters the room and learning how to eat properly at table. These are amongst the social graces we wish to encourage naturally in our children.

I believe in “smarts”. Every child has at least one and it is our responsibility to locate and to nurture them. At ICE we do this through our Student Talent Enhancement Programme, STEP. Working with parents, children, teachers and coaches, our “Talent Scout” and SENDco, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator, we are able to fast track pupils into disciplines at which they will excel. With talent and appropriate challenge comes success which permeates other aspects of school life.

Our programme of sports, especially the Emblematic Activities - Swimming, Fencing, Golf, Tennis and Chess, included in the curriculum for all pupils from CP, Grade 1, combined with Extra Curricular Activities – after school clubs ranging from ballet to Zumba ensure that the children have the widest possible choice of opportunity. Physical activities of this type help train the mind as well as the body. Mens sana in copore sano - healthy body, healthy mind. You are what you eat and we pay particular attention to diet, with healthy menus prepared by the school’s dietician and organic food served in both the Schools’ Restaurants. Our full time Nurse is available during the day for any minor ailments, bumps and bruises.

The Creative Arts play a significant part in the life of the school. From School Shows and Art Exhibitions to Musical Performances the children are exposed to a wide range of creative disciplines.

ICE – An Innovative Creative Environment

As technology advances, almost as quickly as Dubai expands into the desert, we at ICE are preparing our children for the future, their future which will require a deeper understanding of the digital world than, we their parents have or indeed ever needed – innovative problem solvers. Our robotics courses, taken from as early as Maternelle teach the children the basic skills of the design process as well as programming.

Business needs creative entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs of the future are the school children of today. At ICE we encourage our children to think outside the box, to be creative. We encourage them to ask questions, to find multiple answers and to be risk takers – it is only through making mistakes that we truly learn. As Edison said, “I’ve not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work !”

At ICE we teach our children to respect the environment, whether it be through the use of recycling boxes in the classroom, keeping the school tidy or ecological class projects. And what an exceptional environment we have for our pupils – large spacious classes for up to 20 pupils, an onsite swimming pool and the Meydan Racecourse with its leisure facilities close by – Tennis and Golf, as well as the tranquility of one of the greenest parts of Dubai. All located on a single level with easy access for everyone.

How cool is your school – mine is ICE cool !

For a personalized visit please contact the school on 00971 43377818 ext 224 or via email admission

I look forward to meeting you when you visit us.

Sincerely Yours,

Ian J Tysoe