The SEN and Counseling department was established at ICE because we strongly believe
in a quality of education for all. Led by a special educational needs coordinator and
school counselor, the department specializes in inclusion of students with learning
difficulties, as well as behavioral and emotional problems. Its main focus is to describe
the student’s individual needs and align those needs with an appropriate curriculum and
effective instructional strategies. The department works collaboratively with parents and
teachers, and respect that parents are the experts in their children’s education and
The main goals of the SEN department
The SEN department aims at:
 Creating a learning environment that meets the needs of all students
 Reducing barriers to learning and increasing the participation of all students
 Developing policies and practices that aim at responding to the diversity of all
 Emphasizing the role of the school in building community and developing
values, as well as in increasing achievement
 Fostering mutually sustaining relationships between the school and the
 Recognizing that inclusion in education is one aspect of inclusion in society
The core functions of the SEN department
In our provision of services we offer:
 A close follow up of the students
 An individual learning plan for children with mild learning difficulties
 An Individual Educational plan (IEP) for children with more moderate learning
 An Individual Behavioral plan for children (IBP) with emotional and
behavioral difficulties
 One on one learning support
 Regular Evaluation of progress
 Classroom support and accommodations to meet the individual needs of
 Test modifications to serve all learning styles
 Ongoing support and consultation for parents
 Training and support for staff
 Linkage for families to community resources and external service providers
Please refer to the school inclusion policy and admission policy for more detailed
Counseling Department
The Counseling Department works closely with the Special Education Needs(SEN)
Department to provides psychological and emotional support for students, parents
and school personnel. The main goals of the counseling department includes:
 Providing non-judgemental support to all
 Creating a warm and safe environment conducive to one’s personal
development and learning
 Promoting developmental interpersonal skills to build positive relationships
with peers, adults and community around them.
 Recognizing individual strengths and challenges.
The School Counselor is responsible to address:
 Individual student Counseling
 Bullying prevention and awareness
 Education on understanding self and others,
 Peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills
 Multicultural/diversity awareness
 Communication, Problem-solving, and Conflict resolution
 Consultation/collaboration with administration, faculty and parents
 Individual/family/school crisis intervention
 Referrals to other community resources
With the help of the teachers, the counseling department caters to the students’
social and emotional needs by creating a supportive atmosphere inside and outside
the class necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident


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