Bilingual Education Program in Kindergarten

Objectives of the Bilingual Education Program at ICE

As part of the school project and the continuity of
this operation, the objectives of our bilingual
education program are to:
Strengthen the linguistic and cognitive
development of children and
Enable learners to acquire comparable skills in both
languages while respecting the program of the
French National Education.
Objectives of Bilingual Education Program
at ICE:
The program will be shared in both languages and
hence specific learning outcomes will be taught in
one language or the other.
However in terms of linguistic development, our
goal is for learners to acquire a good command of
both the French and English languages.
The Bilingual Educational
The bilingual education program will begin in the Pre-KG
class, while taking into account the profile of each student.
The learner will have support in the “mother tongue” from
the assistant teacher.
There will be a repartition of learning outcomes and a
common preparation between teachers to adapt and
finalize the sharing of lessons in both languages.
The bilingual education program will be taught in both languages
with a balanced distribution during the school week: 12 hours in
French and 12 hours in English.
The bilingual education will be provided by two teachers in
charge of teaching respectively the French and English.
This education will be organized based on the languages
alternation: either full day or half day.
Teachers will have a weekly collaboration time which will allow
them to develop progress, activities, and class projects.
All areas of activities and learning will be shared by both teachers.
Monitoring and Evaluations
Regular assessments and classroom observations of
students will be conducted in order to identify progress
and possible difficulties.
Beyond the consultation meetings regarding the
implementation of programs, teachers will give regular
updates to parents and the administration about the
progress and behavior of students.
Monitoring and Evaluations
Every month, the teachers, the primary director and the
principal will meet to measure the progress of each child
and discuss possible educational adaptations for the well
being of the child.


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