The International Concept for Education (ICE) of Dubai is an innovative school project, based on original foundations: Two parallel courses of studies, however, interlinked. A course of studies predominantly French, based on the French system of education and the PYP programme, as adequately adapted in foreign countries. A course of studies predominantly English based on the IB system of education, with teachers familiar with the two educational systems, which provide students with the best of their knowledge. All students learn the Arabic language for the totality of the students.

Additionally, ICE has four major characteristics:

1. Etiquette: The school is based on the learning and practice of good manners for high standard education. Etiquette, courtesy are the main keywords for our “label".
2. Special Talents Enhancement Periods (STEPS)
The STEPs (Special Talents Enhancement Periods) are the Individualized education’s centerpiece. They enable the identification of individual talent in students and help them nurture and develop that talent in special sessions, either individually or in small groups. They aim to enhance the skills and / or manage challenges.
3. Wellness coaching: In the same manner and approach of identifying talents, the school will develop a path which includes health education, education for a balanced diet, and well- being. Sports and physical activities as robotics, tennis, chess, golf, horse riding, and fencing are also offered to ICE students.
4. The arts are given a high priority by ICE. For example an art gallery allows students to develop and valorize their creativity and sensitivity.


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